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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) has six permanent site-specific commissioned art works, that both reflect and contrast with our academic programme. For further information, following the link from the highlighted name.

2004: Two major sculptural commissions in the access routes to the new North Courtyard Building, by Richard Layzell and Grenville Davey.

2002: Martina Kramer’s commission in the main stairwell opened in May 2002. Her large scale work, ‘Ramifications’, comprises two complementary series of paintings in the stairwell in the main part of the Keppel Street building at LSHTM. The installation draw upon fractal geometry and are painted on shiny stainless steel to create an irregular whole built up from regular and symmetric basic forms. The movement of light makes the surface of the work responsive, reflecting both literally and metaphorically the vertical passage of the people using the stairs.

2002: Collection: Persistent Items, by Julian Walker was commissioned for the 2002 exhibition Hygiene and installed on the stairwell, an enthusiastic response to this work by regular users of the stairs led to a decision to purchase and retain it along with the other major commissions.

2001: The first two commissions, by Susan Brind and Gary Perkins, were opened in June 2001.

Susan Brind's installation focuses on the School's research into malaria. Referencing research from the Classical Period to the 20th Century, 'bad air [mal'aria]' distributes a text around the walls of the ground floor of one of the School's main buildings in Keppel Street. Hand rendered in gold leaf, ideas created by a delirious mind and fevered body, factual information and beliefs of the period, merge as a cycle of thoughts. The proximity of rational, objective texts to the more emotive ones generates a poetic space for the viewer or reader within the School's architecture.

Gary Perkins' video installation was in place 2001-2006, but unfortunately had to come down following renovation of the School reception area. The work echoed the levels of scrutiny and study that characterises the School. A series of oblique and oddly beautiful images were relayed through the network of sixteen miniature surveillance cameras, researching the very fabric of the building, and shown on a security style monitor in the foyer. An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the brochure produced along with this commission is available: Perkins.pdf (298k)

The links provide more detailed documentation of the commissions.

For more information you can contact Tony Fletcher who is coordinating this programme at LSHTM:

All commissions to date have been funded by the LSHTM, however we welcome offers of sponsorship for future commissions.

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