jordan baseman

Jordan Baseman's work interrogates belief systems and the personal and intimate aspects of lived experience. “My work is about truth and beauty.” For Hygiene, he has developed, THRILLER: a sad, darkly humorous, semi-narrative poetic film. Baseman will be screening his film in the Goldsmiths Theatre (situated at the entrance of the School) at the opening and on the 30th May with the artist present. THRILLER explores obsessive behaviour around hygiene, cleanliness, morality and purity. The script is based on two TV interviews with Michael Jackson. Thus celebrity and the attributed power of stardom in the popular imagination is brought into spectacular relief next to a person's intimate struggles with controlling the dirt (both psychological and physical) that they see all around them.

Baseman is currently MA course leader in MA Fine Art Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art. He has recently been commissioned by the Science Museum in London to produce a response to their recently installed Materials Gallery and had a solo show Raceway Queen at The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh in 2001.

Other works by Baseman include The Last Broadcast, which features a screenplay based on the 1976 film Network. Baseman will be exhibiting this work in two forthcoming shows: Telling Tales, a group show based on narrative and fiction at the Forde Gallery of Contemporary Art, Geneva; and Swansong, TV a web broadcast which looks at television and its current position in our culture. In the summer of 2002, Baseman will be artist in residence at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, working in close collaboration with the noted transplant surgeon Francis Wells

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