paola junqueira

24 Hours of a Hole: Version Two
Paola Junqueira
Materials: slide projection work

Paola Junqueira is a Brazilain born artist living in Switzerland who works with photographic images, video, installation, and performance to explore the unexpected foregrounding of coincidences and improvisations.

For Hygiene, Junqueira presents a slide work that looks at the time-consuming and repetitive process of excavating a hole. The work demonstrates the social relationships generated by her activity of digging, in this case in Mali. The accidental discovery of water highlights its crucial role for both hygiene and social networks. Junqueira writes of her work, "Hole digging as durational process - a displaced person shifting through layers - the past sparkling in the present. I would say my work inserts itself within the philosophy that Francis Alÿs summarized so well in his statement: ‘I’m obsessed with finding that moment of coincidence between what I call the experience of living and the consciousness of experience.’ It is the unexpected fore-grounding of incidents, coincidences and improvisations of my work that fascinates me more and more."

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