katharine meynell
Hygiene A & B
Katharine Meynell and Alistair Skinner
May 2002
2 sources DVD on LCD screens
With thanks to Harvey Brough and everyone else who helped

Katharine Meynell and Alistair Skinner are artists who have collaborated on several works, which address the interdisciplinary and over-lapping areas of documentary and live art practice.

The work that they present is a re-make of a work originally commissioned for the opening of the LUX building in 1997; for its new location. "Water Light Power" is presented at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine with a new sound track in collaboration with Harvey Brough.

Katharine Meynell and Alistair Skinner are currently working on a Science on Stage and Screen work commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. This large scale project "It's Inside", takes the representation and experience of disease as it central theme. The involvement in this project is one which follows on in a conceptual tradition of art practice, where personal histories are not divided from the wider realm of social and aesthetic ideas, as 'the practice of everyday life', and the performative nature of our social relationships.

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