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Ramifications by Martina Kramer (Croatia/France) is the third in a series of permanent site-specific contemporary art commissions initiated by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine contemporary art fund. This new work is inspired by the School’s beautiful Bloomsbury building and the School’s research.

Martina Kramer was born in 1965 in Zagreb, Croatia. She trained at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb and at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Lyon, and has lived and worked in France since 1989. She has completed the work here in London, at Gasworks where she has spent two months as an artist in residence. Kramer has exhibited widely across Europe; representing Croatia at the 1995 Venice Biennale and in 1997 she showed in The Quality of Light at the Tate Gallery, St. Ives. Kramer is an artist who explores the painterly questions of perception, scale, space and light but applies this to works that go beyond painting, by employing architectural space as a support in the creation of her installations.

Kramer has selected a space of movement and transit for her work: the stairwell in the main part of the building of the London School of Hygiene is its site and inspiration. Ramifications is the title of two complementary series of drawings that continue through the floors. At first an organic or crystalline growth is suggested by the paintings, which draw on fractal geometry, an irregular whole built up from regular and symmetric basic forms. Kramer recognises this as a pattern that many researchers at the LSHTM may be familiar with but she has also conceived this work to reflect, both literally and metaphorically, the vertical movement of the people using the stairs. Kramer’s work is a significant addition to the existing commissions by Susan Brind and Gary Perkins, and contributes to a developing programme of arts activities at the School.

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