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My main aim in developing this installation is to create a conversation piece between the old and the new building, and to pay homage to the School’s history, while experimenting with contemporary materials and techniques.

The installation is located in an atmospheric lower ground floor corridor where there are original, formally exterior, walls dating back to 1928. As you enter the space, you find yourself in a dark subterranean world surrounded by pipes, fans, ducts and the sound of machinery from The Boiler House. The bricks have been cleaned to reveal subtle coloration, and sprayed aluminium squares have been added to reflect these and also to refer to colours relevant to some of the research work of the School e.g. jaundice, blue tongue fever, etc.

There is an overall sense of ‘revealing’ rather than ‘concealing’ which might be the standard architectural approach to a space like this. There are some surprises and some interactive elements. In honour of the old building, an original oak door has been re-installed to form the actual entrance to the new building.

The work takes its name from the 75-year time gap separating the old building from the new, 1928 to 2003.

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