Exhibition open to the public on
Fridays 2-7pm,
Saturdays 9am-noon
18th May - 6th July 2002
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Keppel Street,
London WC1E 7HT

previous work by the artist
Holly Darton, Didi Gaudron, Mina Hassett, Jenny Hunt and Janne Malmros are showing in Room 5 in the main building of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. These five students from Central Saint Martins attach themselves to their host, invading the building, to nourish themselves and give nothing in return (its debatable to whether any harm is caused.)

Having fed off of various generous scientists from the Epidemiology, Malariology and Hygiene departments it is now feeding off of a body called Hygiene - The Art of Public Health. The infestation has advanced, establishing itself in a classroom on the ground floor, and is made up of sculpture, photo-media, sound and live performance addressing the processes of research.

The work was produced in response to the experiences gained by these students during this stage of their life cycle while in the School.

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