Marta Poncelas Ramon
Poncelas 2004

Marta Poncelas Ramon was born and raised in Vega de Espinareda, Leon, Spain. Marta has lived in Barcelona and Madrid and currently works as a free-lance photographer in London.
She received her B.A. in Photography and Digital Art at London’s Westminster University in 2000.

Her passion for photography started as a means of self-expression. Marta uses her work as a platform to comment on current and relevant social issues.

The tobacco industry has a great deal of influence and power in today’s media and society. Marta uses paradoxical images to show the connection between the fact that smoking kills and yet manages to communicate a glamorous image. Smokers are portrayed as fashionable, sexy and independent. This irony is particularly emphasized in images of women.
Marta’s collection of photographs illustrates how the media has made smoking synonymous with freedom and pleasure. Every smoker is aware that tobacco kills, but like a lottery, smokers continue to play without ever believing it will happen to them.

Marta’s other most recent work has been directing a non-funded multi-media project entitled "It is my time". This interactive audiovisual CD-Rom project has recently been forwarded to galleries for potential viewings.

For more information about Marta’s work please visit her website:

Tel: 020 7 625 2004.
Mob: 07952791803.


Marta would like to give special thanks to Feli Simon for her help and cooperation. Also thanks to: Joaquina Ramon, Bonnie Burkell.
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