Caroline List’s work uses photography and painting that are brought together to suggest or evoke a sense of the romantic sublime. Her paintings are above all landscapes often inhabited by figures that appear to hover between suspension and action within a moment frozen in time and space. Within the veneer of photography her works are often created as mirror images, which are displayed in pairs, or in a series of interconnecting canvases.

"For List one of the most important aspects of photography is its infinite reproducibility. The evaporation of the ‘aura’ of uniqueness and authenticity as posited by Benjamin, due to the endless proliferation of images since the invention of photography is here exploited to conjure the ‘double’ Jung’s ‘Shadow’, the repressed unconscious aspects of the personality, instinctual, creative, but uncanny and troubling…"

Richard Dyer 2002 Caroline List ditto ditto, exhibition catalogue, Catto Contempory

For SMOG List has made two series of paintings that began with photographs she took of the Thames and the Grand Union Canal. In these works a shifting scale of colour has been created that recall the atmosphere of foggy days on the great waterways in which barge loads of coal were transported to London.

Caroline List studied at Portsmouth and Chelsea School of Art and Design. In 1995 she was awarded 1st prize in painting at the Annual International Commonwealth painting competition. She is represented by Catto Contemporary, London where her solo exhibition ditto ditto was shown in 2002. Other solo shows include The Promise of Wholeness and Loveliness, Baraka postproduction 1997 and in 1996-7 The Power of Taste, a solo touring exhibition, Royal Over Seas League, London, and Edinburgh. Her work has been included in many group exhibitions including Ornament, Upstairs at the Clerks House, Shoreditch, London 1998 and Dinosaurs Blood, The Body of Painting, Art in Perpetuity Trust, London 1997.

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