Suspension I (Pompeii I, 6, 4)
Suspension II (Herculaneum V, 17, 18)
Suspension III (Remote Sensing)
Suspension IV (Pompeii VII, 4, 48)

Beth Harland's work explores relationships between photography and painting, particularly in terms of representing memory, both personal and collective. She uses her own photographs and archival collections as source material, images which are then re-inscribed through the painting process to uncover traces of the more fugitive aspects of seeing and remembering. The work manifests a desire to retouch, revise and decipher the image through process and to question how history and experience become image.

The paintings for this exhibition focus on the properties of smog and the physical and psychological impact of its invasive contamination. The senses are disorientated in the shrouding presence of smog, fragmenting one's experience of space as it permeates interiors as well as enfolds landscapes. The surface and colour register of the paintings suggest the opaque, yet at the same time, the reflective surface of fog produces its own particular light and colour. Source images include glimpsed interiors photographed in Pompeii; images which suggest suffocation and extreme fragmentation. The multi-layered surfaces of the paintings act to create a density that disorientates vision and evokes a feeling of suspension and enclosure; a holding of the breath.

Beth Harland studied at the RCA, London and Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.

In 2000, she was awarded a scholarship to the British School at Rome, exhibiting there and in Naples.
Other exhibitions include:
Closer Still, which she curated, ArtSway and Winchester Gallery 2001, The Wreck of Hope, The Nunnery, London 2000, Sleight of Hand, 5 Years Gallery, London 2000, John Moores Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 1999, After, solo exhibition, the gallery @ Central School of Speech and Drama, London 1999, Reading Matter, Norwich Gallery and Standpoint Gallery, London 1999, Rhizome, Kolo Gallery, Gdansk, Poland 1999, Inter Views, Studio Gallery, Budapest 1998, Close to Home, U.F.F. Gallery, Budapest 1998, Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery/Tannery, London 1998, Join The Dots, 5020 Galerie, Salzburg, Austria 1996, Sad, Gasworks Gallery, London 1996, Now Wash Your Hands Arnolfini, Bristol 1996.

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