Caught for breath - A performance for the Private View on Dec 10th
Obfuscation "Look out, it’s coming in" - An installation

Richard Layzell's work encompasses many approaches to art production and audience. In 1989 he adopted the persona of a self-promoting businessman for several weeks, and was surprised at how much publicity this received. The media clearly respond to blatant promotion. He's been called "one of the best artists working in Britain today" and has worked extensively in galleries, museums, the street, and recently as an artist in industry, in the role of 'visionaire'. His interactive installation Tap Ruffle and Shave (1995-8) was seen by 100,000 people in 4 major cities.

As one of the 6 experienced practitioners who make up Rescen at Middlesex University, he's been actively exploring the creative process since 1999. As a group, they recently presented Nightwalking (navigating the unknown), a major conference on the creative process at the South Bank Centre in London. His ongoing work Movimento Ordinari (a global project to change the world in small ways) has led to International Cleaning - a series of performance / video works in Venice, San Francisco, Prague, Greece and Los Angeles.

He sees his work as occupying a position of 'permission' - to inform, provoke, challenge, enhance, connect and entertain.

"Inhalation of London air has been a lifelong obsession and the two works I've designed for Smog reflect this within their personal narratives".

Caught for breath - for the Private View on Dec 10th
A performance that explores memory, visible air, the body bellows and the gasping mouth.

Obfuscation - An installation about visibility, light and fear - the window as an opening to the world outside and the vulnerability within. Look out, it's coming in.

Richard Layzell's performance/installation The Room of Freeflow was recently shown in London, Brisbane and Perth. His collaborative performance Zwo was shown in Frankfurt in November. He's currently working with Dominic Williams (architect of the Baltic) and the people of Didcot on a new arts centre for the town.
1996-2002, a series of high-profile residencies in industry, defining the role of the 'visionaire', at AIT Plc, Promise and Chordiant, working organisationally, aesthetically and environmentally.
Senior lecturer at Wimbledon School of Art, setting up and leading the Media area within Fine Art, 1989-2000.
Author of Enhanced Performance (1998), Live Art in Schools (1993) and The Artists Directory (with Heather Waddell, 1985).

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