Impression of Killer fog - Embankment, 1952
Study for Killer fog - Embankment, 1952, 1
Study for Killer fog - Embankment, 1952, 2

Jacqueline Morreau works in series and with groups of images, to explore themes and related ideas. Her most recent work Reflections on Water will be shown at Morley College Gallery in June 2003. She explores the psychological meaning of water, of those who swim or bathe in it in this and several previous projects.

Morreau was educated in California schools and art schools. She qualified as a Medical Illustrator at the University of California Medical School in San Francisco. Since 1972 she has lived in London and has exhibited widely in both public and commercial galleries, Morreau has been centrally involved in organizing many important exhibitions beginning with Women's Image of Men, at the ICA in 1980, and most recently, From the Interior, a UK/ China exchange. Her work has been widely reviewed and is in the collections of The British Museum, the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, The Arts Council of Great Britain, Rochdale Art Gallery, amongst others. She has selected and judged many exhibitions, and is trustee and selector for the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation since 1995.

‘The killer in the fog’ was an idea that long frightened and intrigued the public as well as crime writers. Detectives and forensic scientist compiled their evidence bit by bit, proving without a doubt that the most deadly killer was the fog itself...

"My painting is about the beguiling, seductive, killer fog itself. I
depict the threat and the beauty of the yellow fog, and reveal some of the components that made it so"

Myth and Metaphor, 1986, Odette Gilbert Gallery, Fold Upon Fold, 1994, Isis Gallery, Essex, Themes and Variations, 1996, The Ferens Art Gallery, Hull to accompany a large retrospective of Morreau's work. This toured to Rochdale and the Pitshanger Museum and Art Gallery, Ealing. Publications include Jacqueline Morreau, Drawings and Graphics, Scarecrow Press, New Jersey 1986.

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