Siil Udus

Mare Tralla’s work is often humorous, but humour is often a veil, for investigating serious topics. These include reflections on the condition of the post-communist era in East Europe within the new capitalist order and how the merger of East and West impacts on lived experience. Her practice involves digital art, video, photography, installation and performance.

For SMOG Tralla installs a sound work Siil Udus, which is Estonian for Hedgehog in the Fog. Siil Vdus The title of her work recalls the celebrated Russian animation film Hedgehog in the Fog. by Yuri Norstein made in the USSR, 1975. The film could be interpreted on a number of levels, on the one hand as a children’s fairy tale, but Tralla explains that was also taken to be a comment on the political situation at the time in the USSR.
Situated within the staircase leading to the basement of the London School of Hygiene, the sounds of machines eerily mingle with the sounds of a person struggling for breath, suggesting the concealed and perhaps suffocating human presence.

Mare Tralla [aka Disgusting Girl] is an Estonia-born artist who currently lives and works in London and Tallinn. Presently, she is the Head of the E-media Center at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She co-curated Private Views, a touring exhibition of Estonian and British contemporary art and was a co-editor of an accompanying academic book. She also designed and programmed a collective CD-rom Virtual Revolutions. Her webwork and more info is featured on

Recent exhibitions include:- 2002 - Digital weekend, The Red House - Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria- Breath. Recent Video Art from Estonia, Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary 2001- Sybaris Baltic Contemporary Art Biennale, Szczecin, Poland- Money, Stockholm Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, Double Life Identity and Transformation in Contemporary Art, Generaly Foundation, Viena, Austria- Media Forum, XXIII Moscow International Film Festival, Moscow2000 - Spacecraft, Video Positive 2000, Bluecoat Display Center, Liverpool, - ArtPort 2000, Kotka City Space, Finland - Duchamp's Suitcase, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK1999 - Interstanding 3 The Art Museum of Estonia 1998 - Private Views, The Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn 1997 - MAP (Media.Art.Project), Myyrmakitalo, Vantaa, Finland - Interstanding2, 5th annual exhibition of Soros Center, Exhibition Hall in Rotermann Salt Storage, The Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn- Beyond Technology, Lux Centre, London
1996 - Basements, Mustpeade Maja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
- Second-hand Love Stories, Vaal Gallery Tallinn, Estonia


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